Why Sponsor

Why Sponsor?

Our sponsor partners will be highly visible, recognized and honored through multiple avenues based upon the level of support. Our charity partners will be able to help those in need from the funds raised as our community, state and region partipate in and celebrate this event.


Runners and craft beer drinkers tend to be college educated and have above average household income. Running is now dominated by women with over 60% of half marathon finishers being female. Primarily in the 30 – 50 year old range. Craft beer drinkers skew a little younger with Millenials and Gen Xers leading the way. Though primarily male, female craft beer drinkers are rapidly gowing in numbers and comprise a larger percentage of craft beer drinkers than their overal population percentage.


Your Support Gives
  • The opportunity to associate your brand with premium event and experience in our market
  • Exposure to thousands of participants and fans with disposable income
  • Greater market visibility through multiple media channels, on-site banners and printed materials
  • An opportunity to support the community and those in need in a fun and visible way, and to simultaneously receive recognition for charitable giving